Wear light armour - Katchu

Samurai choose to wear only lightweight armor, offensive armor. Defensive armor is heavy and difficult to move in, but light offensive armor gives one the advantage of speed and agility.

These two are completely different attitudes in life,

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Kamae - Take the Battle Stance

The samurai is always taught, “Test your armor, but only test the front.”

We all face battles, attacks, from the inside and the outside. Yet, very few admit it and most prefer to either ignore the attacks or just take them lying down.

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Zen 7. Ken 3.

The Samurai, the elite japanese swordsmen, had a very specific code that they lived by called the Bushidō . There was a saying about what was important when training to be a Samurai; Zen 7 and Ken 3. Zen is spirit and Ken is sword.

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About that pole in the drive way

When people lose control of their vehicles they tend to almost always hit something, a tree, a road sign, or the only lamppost on the street. Perhaps you have experienced this too? Why does this happen? Well, my theory is that in a crisis we focus our attention on something and then we can’t let it go.

Do this little exercise with me quickly, I heard it yesterday on Tara Brach’s podcast.

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Yesterday I talked with a group of leader for the morning at a retreat centre just outside Hermanus. The topic was innovation, creativity, and what there is to do once you have reached the last third of your career and your life.

After the three hour session, I told them how I would design an organisation if I could do it from scratch and asked them in return what they would do.

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Want some really good advice?

Bend your knees.

We had a couple over on Friday evening for dinner, a very active family, and they were joking about how no matter what problem their kids have, the wife’s advice is also the same; bend your knees.

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Living with someone living with depression

'Just make a choice.' 

'Can't you just  be grateful for what you have?'

'Cheer up, it's not that bad!'

'Lots of people have it worse off than you do.'

Just some of the things people have said to me, and I'm sure to you if you live with the black dog. People mean well, but end up just making things a lot worse.

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Small Steps
Pierre du Plessis
Keep the bar low