What to expect

Pierre has done nearly a 1000 talks. He has been a keynote speaker for companies such as BMW, KFC, Old Mutual and the SAIA and has been featured on TEDx stages numerous times. He is very comfortable on stage with an interactive conversational speaking style, that also manages to dive deep.

He is master storyteller and no two talks are ever the same. They have a unique aesthetic and they are filled to the brim with content, videos and images. He always have some new story to tell and has a dark, apparently, sense of humour. He gets laughs, and some gasps.

The talks are always actionable and he believes that information is useless unless you can react to it.  

Chaos is a gift


It’s no secret that chaos is near certainty in just about every aspect of our lives and even more so in business. Everything from changing weather patterns to Artificial Intelligence is disrupting our day to day.

Mere living, and not to mention doing business, now takes a level of awareness and ability to handle ambiguity and complexity that has never been required before.

Change is the only constant.

The irony is this, that is only in times of chaos, in times of great upheaval, great disruption, that true change is possible. It is only in the liminal spaces, the twilight zones, the cracks that positive change can happen. It is only during these times that true innovation happens. Never let a disaster go to waste, Obama’s advisor told him during his ’08 campaign, a disaster allows us to do things that couldn’t be done before.

After this talk your audience will leave with a new paradigm for not only surviving chaos, but thriving in it.



Monsters, Heroes, and Kings.

A Keynote on the invitations and crisis points of leadership

There are at least 4 near universal stages in life. The Child, the Hero, the King, and the Sage. Each stage has a set of invitations, and each stage has a turning point, a crisis that needs to be faced.


In this talk Pierre focuses on two of those stages, the hero and the king. How does the brazen, all conquering hero defeat the ultimate monster and how does that same hero become a worthy King or Queen? A demanding keynote teeming with leadership lessons and challenges from ancient myths, legends, and archetypes.


This talk gives the audience a dashboard to gage where they are in their lives and careers and just as importantly what that stage is inviting them into. They will have a better grasp on what they are to do in that current stage, clearing the fog so to speak. They will leave with time tested tools and framework to not only engage the stages, but also overcome the crisis points they will find themselves at.

In Praise of Shadows

on innovation and the surprising places we find it.

Treasure is never found out in the open, treasure is found in the dark. Innovation, creativity, adventure, and life is found in the sacred mess of mystery, chaos, and uncertainty. The soul needs its secrets, and it is in these where true authenticity lies.

In this keynote Pierre deconstructs our addiction to facts and draws from Japanese aesthetics all the way to Oscar Wilde to speak on the necessity of uncertainty, the gift of chaos, and true innovation.

After this talk your audience will have a new lens to understand where innovation comes from and to intentionally craft ways to discover new spaces for inspiration. They will leave the talk with practical randomisation rituals they can built into their everyday lives and into their teams.



“Pierre looks at the world with infinite curiosity and an open mind. As such, he has a knack of pinpointing a trend on the rise, but most importantly its roots and trajectory. Without these two elements you don't have context, and Pierre has the ability to provide that all important context.”

/ dion Chang /




We live in a world obsessed with the 'I' so much so that we cannot even spell WII without two I's. We need to re-connect to run sustainable businesses where knowledge is not hoarded but shared, we need to re-kindle friendships to simply be healthier human beings.

In this talk, featured at TEDx Soweto, Pierre offers a new framework to guide us to form 4 types of relationship necessary for us to move forward as companies, and simply just as human beings.

We are not born as individuals, we were born as part of a community, a tribe, a nation. Each of us carry a scar with us on our stomach's that tells of our connection, once, to the rest of humanity.



The Art of Discernment

A Keynote on HOW to MAKE Better Decisions

Life is an infinite web of decisions leaving us spinning and flooded with emotion when needing to make a big choice that could make or break us. The question here is, how do we discern wisely and how do we go about choosing the path that will lead to life?

Pierre talks about how important it is to think of death every day, shares wisdom from ancient saints and teaches a 500-year-old journaling practice, that will give you the tools you need to make your next big decision.

After this talk your audience will be better equipped with anchors and practical toolkits, some centuries old, that will greatly assist to bring clarity and help to make more confident decisions, even in times of great upheaval and chaos.

"Fresh, thought provoking, and captivating"

/Jacques Fouche - Director | Southern African Association for the Conference Industry/



Seems like everywhere you go everything is going digital, as if going digital is the salvation of every business everywhere. Since when does innovative mean digital only, and since when did disruption only mean ‘let’s make an app’.

A friend of mine, Len Sweet, always says the more high-tech the world becomes the more high-touch we need to be. Technology is a great stimulator of innovation, true, but it can also be a great isolator. In an increasingly AI (artificial intelligence) filled world, we will need human interaction more than ever.

What is the human touch? What will it look like for a business to be built on tactile, human experiences. What does it mean to be human in a digital world?

There are gifts that simple high touch practices like walking, handwritten notes, and handmade can bring. Not only giving us (back?), our humanity but giving new ways to innovate, new or old pathways to explore, practices from the past that will catapult us into the future